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rhombus digital is a Melbourne based, communications and technology services provider aimed at providing innovative and effective end-to-end solutions.

We specialise in all things Internet, and have a simple goal: to help our clients use the Internet as an efficient business asset.



We have come up with a way to show the world what we can do. Aside from our portfolio, we now have many themes to promote our design and development skills. We will be periodically releasing new themes every 3-6 months so make sure to keep coming back.

We are proud to have just deployed our new theme Gnomin' around. Please send feedback and any theme requests for the next theme which we plan to deploy late July.

There's nothing like gnomin' around according to Stormin' Gnoman. This our web 2.0 (we heart jQuery) throw back to the kitsch paintings you would see in the family lounge or kitchen during the 60's/70's.

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Objects in space

Ubercool and ultrafun. This is what we do when there are few rules and we get to push the boundaries.

The executive lounge

This is what our website would look like if we were corporate. Like us, it's a little square but not.

The KISS principle

it's simple, lightweight and elegant. Just like the principle it's based on. "Keep it simple, stupid."